March 2011: ‘Endangered Species’ – international summits about body image issues

Endangered Species is happening NOW – and this initiative is a must-see, must-hear and must-follow: it is a series of international summits to take place in March focused on the body image issues. The aim of the initiative is to talk about, present and change the toxic culture that is teaching women and girls to hate their own bodies.
The target of the criticism is the system which promotes thinness, beauty and homogenised perfection – driven by the logic of economics and commerce – and which instils only a constant sense of inadequacy in the minds of countless young girls around the world.

The first in the series of summits took place in London on 4 March and will take place in New York on 18 and 19 March. Speaking at the event will be the model Emme, Jessica Weiner, the Global Ambassador of the Dove Self-Esteem Fund, Wendy Naugle, Executive Editor at Glamour, Erica Watson, who starred in Precious, as well as Susie Orbach and Courtney E. Martin, the summit coordinator.

The other summits will be held in Melbourne, Buenos Aires and San Paulo. (Source)

The summit in London was coordinated by Susie Orbach, the founder of the Endangered Species initiative, psychotherapist, psychoanalyst, social critic and author of the book ‘Bodies’ (available on In her introductory speech she said among others:

“This is the beginning of a campaign to wrest back power from the merchants of body hatred who influence how girls and women come to feel about their bodies. We want every girl to grow up feeling a matter of fact right to her body…..without attack, without self criticism, without being watchful. We want girls to be able to see their bodies as the place they live from. Not a complicated place of fear.”

Susie Orbach, introduction to the Endangered Species summit on 4th March 2011 in London. Video by Elena Rossini, (The Illusionists).

Endangered Species LONDON – Speech by Susie Orbach from Elena Rossini on Vimeo.

Endangered Species LONDON – Speech by Susie Orbach from Elena Rossini on Vimeo.

See also her appearance at the

One of speakers was Sharon Haywood, the activist, author, freelance editor and the founder of the website Adios Barbie as well as the initiative Any-Body, adressing the women body image issues.
On the summit in London, she presented the extreme body image issues in Argentina, caused by the media image of a perfect female body as well as the clothes manufacturers and retailers, who are not consequently violating the Size Law. Video by Elena Rossini, (The Illusionists).

Endangered Species LONDON – Sharon Haywood from Elena Rossini on Vimeo.

The actress Emma Thomson is a supporter of the initiative. In the short video promoting the Endangered Species, she talks about the SPACE every person has in the world:

Next summit will take place in Buenos Aires, on 17th March 2011 – follow @SharonHaywood on twitter for more information.

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