Germany’s first all-women auto dealership opens near Berlin

Male-dominated professions? Watch this: “a young business woman opened Germany’s first auto dealership with an all-female workforce in late 2009 in the town of Hennigsdorf just north of Berlin. “Señorita Maria”, as the dealership is called after its founder Maria Erkner, is breaking ground with its concept.”

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The 24-year-old graduate of business management never planned on going into the auto industry. Erkner was spurred onto her business concept at the provocation of her father, who wondered if a female-only team could successfully run an auto dealership.
The young woman was no stranger to the automobile sector, however. Her father and brother Sven already owned several car dealerships in Berlin.
Erkner opened “Señorita Maria GmbH” with a team of eight women including herself, running both the business and service shop. The name reflects the female nature of the dealership as well as its product offering of Seat cars, the Spanish supermini car manufacturer that has a flaming red and silver “S” as its logo.

The car show room is rather different than others of its kind. A children’s play corner lets mothers browse the selection with the security of knowing their children are playing safely nearby. Ornate mirrors and posters of successful, elegant women decorate the dealership’s walls, rather than the images more commonly portraying women and cars associated with auto enthusiast magazines.

The customers remain, however, more male than female.
Although they op’s webdsite ened too late to benefit from the government’s car scrapping scheme, sales are good according to Erkner. The opening of “Señorita Maria” in one of the last male-dominated industries has drawn a flurry of media interested in women’s ability to stand on their own in the automobile field. Erkner and her team even appear in Seat’s spring brochure.

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